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Mar 26, 2018

057: Feng Shui Your Yoga Space with Marina V. Umali


Shannon has invited designer Marina Umali to the show to answer some of the questions asked by many of you in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group about setting up your yoga spaces.


Marina is a New York State certified interior designer and Feng Shui practitioner. She studied architecture at Parsons School of Design and Interior Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She also practices yoga and has had the opportunity to visit many yoga studios.


Shannon and Marina discuss setting up your at-home or studio space keeping direction, colours, fabric choices, lighting and more in mind. Marina also shares with us when and how to clear the energy of objects and spaces for a more peaceful practice and how yin energy can be expressed through design choices you make.


Marina’s work is a blend of striking design and practical functionality and the power of intention and good energy flow. She believes that deep, lasting improvements to your environment create deep, lasting improvements in your life. Most recently, Marina became certified as a cruelty-free designer.

08:30 Marina’s journey to becoming an interior designer


11:10 Marina’s top Feng Shui tips: 1) no clutter 2) command position


13:50 Tips for clearing your clutter


14:45 Is there any direction that we should we be facing?


16:40 The relationship between Feng Shui and windows


17:35 Colours for yoga spaces


19:50 Organizing your yoga space within a room with various functions


21:10 Other Feng Shui tips: 1) room in the back of house with yin energy 2) natural materials, soothing colours 3) options for lighting


22:20 Marina’s recent cruelty-free certification


24:15 Feng Shui fabric suggestions


25:10 Tips on creating an altar space and clearing objects of past energy


27:55 Clearing your yoga space before practicing (at home or before teaching your class)


29:25 Clearing our minds before practicing yoga


31:35 Feng Shui for your electronics


33:30 Energy around your bed- the effect of books and storage


36:55 Marina’s experience with energy in yoga spaces she’s visited


37:45 A few more tips from Marina 1) use green cleaning products 2) paint with low VOCs 3) use inspirational quotes or graphics in your space


38:45 The energy of mirrors in yoga studios


39:30 How to work with Marina


40:35 Shannon’s final thoughts and her big takeaway

Marina's Website


Marina V Design Studio on Facebook


Marina V Design Studio on Instagram


Blog Post: How to Solve Health Problems with Feng Shui by Marina Umali


Accessible Yoga Conference in Toronto June 22nd-24th, 2018


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Mama Nurture Teacher Training (RPYT)


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Mar 19, 2018

056: Yoga and Menopause with Leslie Kazadi

Today Shannon has invited Leslie Kazadi to talk about yoga and menopause.  There can be a lot of shyness around discussing the profound physical, emotional and mental changes that menopause can bring. Leslie opens up about her own experience with menopause in a very honest way and how it led her to take it on as a special area of interest in relation to her yoga teachings.


There have been studies that have shown a promising correlation between yoga and the reduction of common menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep and mood disturbances, stress, and muscle and joint pain.  Leslie discusses these and other symptoms while revealing the increased health risks that accompany menopause. Also discussed is how yoga teachers can make their students more comfortable and what women experiencing menopausal symptoms need in their yoga practice.


Leslie has a wealth of education and experience to draw on. She is certified as yoga a therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists as well as a certified in massage and Thai massage therapist. Leslie also had the opportunity to study in India with the masters of Ashtanga and Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar which inspired her to take yoga teacher training in 2001.


Leslie has worked with adults of all ages with complex medical conditions. She is passionate about making yoga accessible to all including those with injuries and older adults. She feels working with those who “don’t think they can do yoga” especially fulfilling. Leslie believes in teaching in an approachable way that includes laughter and lightheartedness and holds the belief that truly being present is the greatest healer.


7:20 Leslie’s yoga journey


10:30 Why Leslie wanted to work with people that weren’t typically drawn to yoga and her interest in anatomy


12:35 How Leslie came to turn her attention to yoga and menopause


13:55 The reluctance of women to talk about menopause, the disappointment felt by ageing


16:00 Leslie’s experience with menopause, common symptoms


19:10 Empower yourself with the knowledge to choose your yoga practice- when entering menopause your risk of heart attacks and osteoporosis skyrockets, digestive issues such as GERD and acid reflux


19:55 Outward changes that go along with menopause that are difficult for many to talk about or accept such as changes in the skin (such as elasticity), decreased muscle tone, weight gain -can be hard for yoga teachers whose physicality is on display


21:25 How you can help students experiencing menopausal symptoms more comfortable


23:45 What style of yoga is helpful for women going through menopause, a focus on strength and relaxation and on their participation in class but not being singled out


26:20 How yoga helps achieve a good night’s sleep, allowing yourself to schedule an extra hour of sleep (even temporarily)


28:30 Those who struggle with ageing and how this causes unnecessary pain


34:10 “The gift of ageing” and practising gratitude, how yoga philosophy can support this


37:05 The positive aspects of menopause: “Live the life you want to live now”


39:00 The importance of being authentic with your students, letting them know that you accept them as they are, and knowing you influence young women who are bombarded with messages about beauty


41:50 How to work with Leslie Kazadi and her passion for making sure yoga is accessible for all


44:25 Shannon and Leslie reflect on yoga teacher trainings


46:50 Shannon’s closing thoughts and takeaways (and a preview of upcoming episodes!)



Leslie’s website- Alchemy Yoga Therapy


Leslie on Instagram


Leslie Kazadi Yoga Therapy on Facebook


Leslie on Twitter


Yogis Anonymous


What is GERD? Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)- from WebMD


Mind-body therapies for menopausal symptoms: a systematic review- A 2010 review of 21 papers from  the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health


The Connected Teacher Facebook Group


Yoga for Pelvic Health Teacher Training


Mama Nurture Teacher Training (RPYT)


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Mar 12, 2018

055: Share Your Course Using Thinkific with Siddharth Bharath


Thinkific is an online course software platform based in Vancouver BC, Canada. CEO Greg Smith was searching for a way to put his LSAT course online in order to reach more students. He saw the need for an online course platform and along with his co-founders designed software that would allow course creators to easily add their content online.


On today’s episode, Shannon speaks with Siddharth Bharath, a marketer and VP of growth at Thinkific. Sid, who at the time was a marketing consultant, was looking for an online platform to host his courses. He really liked Thinkific as a course platform because it was easy to use. He decided to contact Greg Smith with some marketing ideas and Greg was impressed enough to ask Sid to join their team and has been with them since.


Shannon picks Siddharth’s brain asking him what technology is needed to create a course, how much financial investment is involved, how students and teachers can interact, marketing your course and more.

10:05 What led Sid to work for Thinkific


12:40 How Thinkific can help you run a course


14:45 The Thinkific plans so you can decide which financial investment works for you


15:55 Do you need a website needed to run a Thinkific course


16:50 What is the bare minimum technology needed to make a video


18:30 What tools are needed for good audio


19:55 Sid’s tips for creating a video


20:40 How Thinkific facilitates the interactivity between students and teachers


21:30 Yoga teachers who are producing courses with Thinkific


23:25 The Thinkific team and culture of kindness


25:30 The help available to Thinkific users


26:25 Sid’s tips for marketing a course


29:05 Videos as yoga class add-ons and how they can supplement your in-person classes


29:25 Payment options for your customers such as one-off, monthly payment plans


30:30 Sid’s last bit of advice: “Action beats perfection”


31:50 How to get in touch with Sid and Thinkific


32:15 Shannon’s wrap-up and key takeaways



Email Sid:


Thinkific Website


Thinkific on Facebook


Thinkific Blog Post: Best Equipment & Software For Creating Online Courses


Example Yoga Courses on Thinkific


The Bhakti Shop


Mako Mindfulness Membership



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Mar 5, 2018

054: **Anniversary Episode ** Launching a Podcast and Facebook Group with Shannon Crow


Welcome to The Connected Yoga Teacher one-year anniversary episode! Episode 001 of The Connected Yoga Teacher was launched on February 24th, 2017 and here we are, just over one year later on episode 054.

Shannon’s vision to provide a platform for yoga teachers to connect between trainings has grown in a way that she could never have imagined. Always reading about and researching yoga topics, Shannon wanted to support other yoga teachers by sharing important and relevant information. She has invited a variety of guests to share valuable knowledge about a wide array of subject matters such as running a yoga business, pelvic health, eating disorders, yoga and social media, re-thinking stretching, and the importance of trauma-informed yoga.

Shannon provides a behind-the-scenes look at creating and maintaining The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group and the work put into the podcast each and every week. She also shares more about herself; her vulnerabilities and her view on making mistakes.

With much gratitude, we want to thank our listeners for taking this journey with us. Downloading the podcast and engaging with and supporting one another on The Connected Facebook Group keeps this community thriving.

Thank you also to The Connected Yoga Teacher team -- Rob, Laura, Samantha and every single listener.

2:25 Shannon’s journey that led her to the creating a podcast for yoga teachers and the fear that accompanied that


4:40 Brainstorming in her red journal and finding the common thread was wanting to help yoga teachers


5:10 Why Shannon thinks supporting other yoga teachers is so important


5:40 How Shannon got her ideas for topics- from yoga consulting, connecting with and interviewing experts, reading articles


6:40 The Connected Yoga Podcast team


9:55 If you’re interested in making a podcast or creating content


10:05 Some of the content Shannon wanted to include in the podcast and choosing her guest


11:05 The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group- creating and maintaining the group


12:05 Podcast listener and TCYT FB group member Barbara Peter’s question for Shannon: “Would you please do a podcast about everything you do behind the scenes to make everything in The Connected Yoga Teacher group page so wildly successful. Every minute detail. Hold nothing back.”


13:00 Naming the podcast and making the choice to avoid asking others to join, hoping to grow the group organically


14:20 July 2017 (5 months into the podcast)- 346 members, a solid foundation had been built with Shannon working hard to keep the members engaged


14:55 Nov 2017 (9 months into the podcast) -1000 members, great questions and content posted regularly by members


15:35 February 2018 (the one-year anniversary of the podcast)- over 2000 people (100 people added just this week!)


15:40 3 question set-up for those that want to join a group, post questions to start discussions, post questions on behalf of other teachers


16:55 The challenge of making a welcome post that you can pin to the top of the group page, the purpose of the welcome post and tagging people in the group


18:25 Shannon’s TCYT Facebook Group welcome post


20:40 Context of people’s posts when it’s in writing, in text, easy misunderstandings challenges in moderating the group


23:35 Online negativity and taking a look at your own reaction to posts, avoiding the knee-jerk reaction- “Can you say that in a more vulnerable way?”  


Related episode: 051: Yoga and (Anti-) Social Media with Carol Horton, PhD


24:50 Question from Shelly Prosko of Prosko Physio Yoga: “My question for you relates to compassion and sense of community and connection...What is one thing that you’ve failed at or made a mistake of you’re struggling with right now if you can get a little vulnerable if you feel comfortable…”


27:25 Shannon reflects her on making mistakes, owning up to them, embracing them, how her view of mistakes has changed over time


36:15 When Shannon thought she was ready to launch the podcast and what she still had to consider


Related Episode: 005: Set and Achieve Big Goals with Natalie Eckdahl


37:50 Steps needed make TCYT podcast


42:20 How Shannon got Schedulicity as a sponsor


44:30 Automation and engaging with guests and listeners through emails


46:40 Show notes and our desire to have a great summary, quotes, timestamps and links


47:50 How profit can be made through podcasts


48:40 Shannon’s began using Facebook Live as a way to engage her audience


49:30 Shannon’s Facebook Launch Party Event


51:40 TCYT downloads statistics


52:50 Shannon’s final thoughts and voicemail by TCYT podcast listener Haunani Drake


Contact us:


Email: info@theconnectedyogateacher


Voicemail: The Connected Yoga Teacher Website (click on the ‘Send Shannon a Voicemail’)



Seth Godin’s Podcast 01: Akimbo- The Grand Opening- a great episode about launching a podcast


Dr. Kristin Neff’s website:


Accessible Yoga Conference- June 22nd-24th, 2018 at the University of Toronto


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