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Nov 25, 2017

Patricia Fasciotti - Grow Your Audience with a 5-Day Challenge

On today’s unique episode Patricia Fasciotti shares her experience with a unique marketing strategy. The discussion transitions into a  consultation call with Shannon as she advises Patricia on how to move forward with social media marketing.


Patricia is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga instructor, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Nutrition Coach all under the name The Wellness Concierge.


Patricia wants to expand her online offerings as she has found this teaching format a great fit for her life. Patricia is a mother of 2 kids and is looking for a work-life balance that will allow her the financial freedom to spend more time with her children.


Patricia’s multi-faceted approach to wellness is a gift to her clients and in order for her to reach those who could benefit from her services Patricia decided to offer a free 5-day Wellness Challenge to current and potential clients.


Patricia outlines to Shannon how she approached this marketing strategy and the benefits of offering this challenge and what she learned from it.


Patricia is a down-to-earth, warm personality who openly shares what has (and hasn’t) worked for her in this process. Shannon, through consultation, helps Patricia move through the fear of marketing herself further on social media platforms.

4:10 How Patricia got into yoga


08:00 Patricia’s online class membership- The Yoga Suite


09:35 The 5-day Wellness Challenge- a free offering that can be used to showcase your work to an audience


10:20 How her 5-day Challenge works


12:00 How Patricia prepared and marketed her 5 Day Challenge


14:45 Caution around creating Facebook ads


17:45 Patricia outlines Day 1 of Challenge and using Facebook Live


20:00 Patricia’s first Facebook Live video experience


21:50 Last day of 5 day Challenge- a time to celebrate and build excitement for an upcoming offering, offering prizes


24:30 Benefits of having a Facebook group page


**Consultation Call**


27:30 Patricia asks about her social media presence and marketing strategies moving forward


28:50 Shannon asks Patricia what feedback she’s gotten from her clients


30:10 Shannon asks if Patricia’s “Big Why” of her yoga offerings match with her clients’  “Big Why”


31:40 If there is fear behind your hesitation to build your online presence with advice to move through the fear


36:30 Shannon guides Patricia through fine-tuning her online yoga offerings


37:20 Advice on deciding on number of clients to take on- limit on group numbers allows for more individualized attention and raising price for membership is valid, builds loyalty


40:20 Look at your niche, ideal student and where your offerings have gained traction in the past


45:00 Setting goals around getting new clients


45:45 Recognizing and rewarding clients that are most engaged


48:15  Sharing your business offerings on your personal Facebook page


49:05 One-minute videos, the importance of relatability in videos


50:30 Setting a goal for putting videos on Youtube


52:55 Closing thoughts with Shannon



Patricia's Website- The Wellness Concierge


Patricia's Free Body Balanced 7-day Challenge


The Concierge Lounge Group on Facebook


The Yoga Suite- online membership program




Patricia's Instagram


Mondays With Margo on Youtube


TCYT Podcast 031: Facebook Marketing with Amanda Bond


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Nov 18, 2017



Today’s episode is unique in that instead of one featured guest we have seven!  Shannon reached out looking to answer a question asked on The Connected Teacher Facebook Group: What advice would you give your new teacher self?


Thoughtful and beautiful reflections were recorded by 7 yoga teachers who passed them on to Shannon so she could share with all of you while reflecting on her own experiences as a yoga teacher fresh out of yoga teacher training. What would you tell your new teacher self?


3:15 Betsy Brockett


4:45 Jamie Grollman


6:25 Kristina Kelly


9:25 Catherina Espinoza


10:55 Amanda Kingsmith


13:15 Lisa Zaehringer


15:30 Allie Bright


17:40 Shannon shares other advice from The Connected Yoga Teachers Facebook Group




To get in touch with featured yoga teachers:


Betsy Brockett

Betsy's Website

Betsy's Instagram


Jamie Grollman

Jamie's Website


Kristina Kelly

Kristina's Website- Get Moving Fitness

Balanced Breath Studio Facebook Page


Catherina Espinoza

Catherina's Website- Tu Espacio Yoga

Tu Espacio Yoga on Facebook


Amanda Kingsmith

Amanda's Website- M.B.Om (Mastering the Business of Yoga)

Mastering the Business of Yoga Instagram


Lisa Zeahringer

Lisa's Website- Synchronicity Wellness

Lisa on Facebook - Synchronicity Wellness


Allie Bright

Allie's Website- Bright Java

Bright Java on Instagram


The Connected Teacher Facebook Group


MamaNurture Yoga Teacher Training (RPYT)


Shannon's Consultation Services


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Nov 11, 2017

Trina Altman took a Kripalu yoga class at Brown University and became intrigued by the practice. She became a yoga teacher in 2008 igniting her desire to research anatomy and movement.


The culmination of the knowledge she obtained has allowed her be a multi-disciplinary teacher; borrowing from many kinds of movement practices. Trina is very much focused on balancing her practice and teaching to include strength training along with stretching.


Trina’s passion for movement has led her to create Pilates Deconstructed®, an innovative interdisciplinary approach that fosters an embodied understanding of Pilates and its relationship to modern movement science.


Along with her 500-hour yoga teacher training, she is a STOTT Pilates® certified instructor, leads teacher training in Yoga Tune Up®, the Roll Model® Method and Rx Series for Equinox locally and Internationally.


Trina has presented at Kripalu and multiple conferences such as the Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference. She teaches online classes which can be found on her website as well as in person in Los Angeles at Equinox  and The Moving Joint.


Trina’s teaching fosters body cognition and self-discovery that is firmly grounded in anatomical awareness. She builds bridges between the mystical and pragmatic and specializes in helping others to access their body’s tissues and their heart’s purpose.

9:25 Where Trina’s yoga journey began


11:45 How Trina began to consider the injuries that can be sustained while practising yoga


14:55 Importance of strength training


16:35 The danger of believing yoga is a fix-all


19:00 What does Trina’s balanced personal practice look like?


22:45 Trina’s concern about risk-prone movement in classes she’s attended


23:00 Trina’s experience with group classes (and taking a break from them)


25:25 Group class paradigm- pros and cons


27:20 What can teachers do in their own personal practice to build strength


29:40 How Trina teaches yoga (and how she takes from many different movement modalities)


32:10 What is the Feldenkrais method?


36:15 Trina’s online teaching offerings


38:30 How do we prevent injuries to our students?


40:10 Pilates- “the missing link”


44:05 Where you can find Trina in the upcoming months


44:20 Trina’s closing advice on preventing injury when teaching


47:25 “There is no one answer”


48:30 Group vs. private classes when it comes to yoga injuries


49:35 Four Principles of Teaching Movement: T.R.U.E.


T- total embodiment

R- regress to progress

U- understand underlayer

E- creating an Environment of Safety


57:20 Shannon’s closing thoughts



Website: Trina Altman- Pilates Deconstructed® & Yoga Deconstructed® Embodied Anatomy Biomechanics


Trina Altman's Youtube Channel


Trina's Instagram


Trina's Yoga and Pilates Facebook Page


Mettaversity Course: Realigning Yoga: New Directions in Yoga Anatomy and Movement Research with Trina Altman


Yoga Deconstructed® Courses with Trina Altman

Feldenkrais Method Wikipedia Article


Interoception Wikipedia Article


Proprioception Wikipedia Article

New York Times Article: How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body by William J. Broad


Book: The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards by William J. Broad


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Nov 4, 2017

Not #CrushingIt is Okay


Rachel East is a Certified Professional Coach and co-founder of Clarity on Fire with her business partner and best friend Kristen Walker.


Clarity on Fire Coaching was created based on Rachel and Kristen’s experiences with mind-numbing, unfulfilling work and their unwillingness to accept the status quo.


The coaching is geared towards millennials “who know what they don’t want but don’t know what they’d rather be doing”, which was how they felt coming out of college.


Rachel majored in Communications and Public Relations because she knew it was where she would flourish. When she graduated she gladly took a job she was offered as it was tough time economically (after the 2008 recession), and there was a lot of fear surrounding employment.


Rachel found her position as an Events and Promotions Co-ordinator wasn’t ultimately something she cared deeply about. In figuring out what she did want led her to pursue life coaching.  It encompassed many of her passions including self-development and therapy.


The Passion Profile Quiz that Clarity on Fire developed helps uncover your passion (the content) as well as how it can be expressed in your ideal working environment (the context).


Rachel coaches a lot of self-defined perfectionists that are feeling burnt out. There is a mindset in society that we need to be busy to be worthy. Almost everyone struggles with this notion which is why Rachel’s message is so important.


Have no fear if you like your free time, don’t want to build an empire, aren’t a huge fan of social media, or, as Rachel puts it, you don’t want to be a #girlboss or ‘crush it’. There are many ways to approach being a successful entrepreneur.


Rachel’s wrote her blog post Confession: I Have No Desire to be a #girlboss out of frustration when she was feeling burnt out. There was a strong response from people from various professional backgrounds.  She knew that she had hit on something that many felt but few articulated as it isn’t a prevalent societal attitude. Rachel and those who responded to her post discussed defining success and passion for yourself and adhering to your values to discover a working environment that will lead to personal fulfilment.


12:10 Rachel’s professional journey leading her to Clarity on FIre


15:25 Question from Julia, a member of The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group about passion and fulfilment


19:50 Quality vs. Quantity- how focusing on numbers can negatively impact your business and outlook


21:05 Re-defining what success means to you


23:55 Authenticity has a bigger impact than presenting an airbrushed image


24:55 Rachel’s blog post Confession: I Have No Desire to be a #girlboss and how it resonated with so many


28:15 How strong boundaries give you freedom as an entrepreneur


29:30 Business is one aspect of your life, avoid co-dependence. Our job and ourselves are two separate things.


33:15 How Rachel defines passion


35:15 Looking at your job as a journey, not a destination. The danger of grasping too tightly, resisting evolving, growing, or even pursuing a different career path.


39:00 Knowing the difference between the ‘fertile void’ and being afraid of putting yourself out there- fear vs. intuition.


43:05 The Passion Profile Quiz


44:40 Understanding your time and money values

52:05 Setting limits in your business to suit your personality




Clarity On Fire Website


The Passion Profile Quiz


Blog Post: Confession: I Have No Desire to be a #girlboss by Rachel East


Instagram White on Rice


The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group


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