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Apr 29, 2017

In today's episode Shannon shares what she aims to avoid in the time after savasana (relaxation).

She also shares what she always includes as well as what she sometimes includes. There are lots of little tips and tricks for teachers of all styles and experience to try.

We also get to hear from some of our other fellow Connected Yoga Teachers.


Rest deeply in Savasana every day. Always enter that pratyahara (withdrawn state) every day. And just enjoy yourself.” — Judith Hanson Lasater

1:40 Shannon shares her thoughts on the time after savasana

5:35 What Shannon tries to avoid in the post savasana time

9:12 What Shannon likes to include in each class after savasana

12:40 What Shannon sometimes includes after savasana

18:30 Thoughts on savasana from some of our Connected Yoga Teachers

Thanks to those of you who shared your thoughts:

Amanda Eriksen of Rising Crow Yoga
Cathy Scott
Rosslyn Kemerer of Wholehearter Yoga
Maisie Kennedy of Grace Yoga
Emily McConnell
Joanne Pettit-Myers of Bend Yoga Studio
Vicki Rowsell of Everywhere Yoga


Guided Savasana by Shannon on The Connected Yoga Teacher Live Show

Metta Meditation

Apr 22, 2017

In Part III of Shannon’s Pelvic Health Mini Series, she welcomes Shelly Prosko, another passionate professional who works in the realm of pelvic health. With warmth and grace she shares her perspective adding to our discussion on pelvic health.

Shelly Prosko has an extensive fitness and physical therapy background which led her to combine physical therapy and yoga to become a Professional Yoga Therapist. She is a pioneer in her Physio Yoga Therapy- a combination of Physical Therapy and Medial Therapeutic Yoga.

She received her Physical Therapy degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 1998, her Medical Therapeutic Yoga training through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute in North Carolina and her Pilates Certification through the Professional Health and Fitness Institute in Maryland.

Shelly has treated those with issues surrounding pain management and, driven by her passion for sharing all she has learned with others, she offers specialty PhysioYoga Therapy courses along with speaking at various educational schools and conferences throughout Canada and The United States.

Shelly has a love for acting, dancing, and music and figure skating.

Shelly’s journey to PhysioYoga 2:50

Who can study with Shelly 7:25

Building relationships and gaining referrals from health care professionals 11:00

Shelly contemplates if there would be an effective way to integrate physiotherapy into the 200-hour yoga teacher training and learn more about anatomy and physiology? 17:55

The practice of Kegels and Muhla Bandha 22:00

The movement of the diaphragm and pelvic floor when breathing 23:45

Caution around doing Kegels 24:45

An overactive pelvic floor is more common than we might think 25:30

Shelly discusses a study done in 2016 by Van Dyken & Sinead Dufour that discover that 83% of people with low back pain have an over-recruited pelvis 25:45

Another study done on incontinence links the condition with poor balance and often the pelvic floor is over-activated in this case 26:25

Referring a yoga student to a Physiotherapist or with pelvic health, a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist when it is appropriate 28:00

Clues that yoga students may be over-engaging their pelvic floor 30:09

Jules Mitchell and her thoughts on stretching 31:00

Kegels may aggravate pelvic floor dysfunction 32:25

Proper way to do a Kegel or do Mulha Bandha 33:00

Shelly shares that 50% of people, after being taught one-on-one still struggle with the proper way to do Kegels 33:15

Mulha Bandha - one of the energetic locks 34:30

Introduction of Mulha Bandha in Western yoga 35:05

Leslie Kaminoff’s explanation of the history of Mulha Bandha and its use in pranayama and sitting 36:10

Pelvic Floor health in relation to health and movement 37:20

Antony Lo the Physio Detective #tensiontotask 41:00

Is the Muhla Bandha comparable to Kegels? 42:40

How Shelly cues Muhla Bandha

Shelly’s article (link below) 8 ways to Engage Pelvic Floor


Shelly's Webpage

Anthony Lo- The Physio Detective

Julie Wiebe pt

Jules Mitchell

Pelvic Floor Galore

Blog Post: Optimizing Pelvic Floor Health: Where Does Yoga Fit In? by Shelly Prosko

Article: 8 Ways to Help Yoga Students Engage Their Pelvic Floors by Shelly Prosko

Article: Optimizing Pelvic Floor Health Through Yoga Therapy by Shelly Prosko

Article: Anatomic connections of the diaphragm: influence of respiration on the body system by Bruno Bordoni and Emiliano Zanier

Youtube Video: Bandhas in a Modern Practice: A Historical Perspective by Leslie Kaminoff

Special Thanks:

To Laura for compiling the show notes (I am still laughing over your blueberry story from last week Laura!)

and to Rob who edits all of the audio between bear sightings

Apr 15, 2017

008: Core Breath and Pelvic Health with Kim Vopni


This week Shannon is pleased to share insight from another enthusiastic expert on the subject of pelvic health. Kim Vopni, also known as The Fitness Doula, is the mother of two children. Her pregnancy and birthing experiences, along with her educational background led her to focus on women’s pelvic health. Kim holds a BA in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Health and Fitness.


Kim’s impressive education includes her certification as a personal trainer and pre/postnatal fitness consultant. She has completed training in The Hypropressive Method and Pfilates (Pelvic Floor Pilates) along with the Pregnancy Exercise and Birth Programming certificate with Burrell Education.  


Kim is passionate about normalizing the conversation around pelvic health and is an active voice for women of all ages. She is the author of “Prepare to Push- What your Pelvic Floor and Abdomen Want You to Know About Pregnancy and Birth”, offers courses through Bellies Inc., and is a distributer of the EPI-NO, a pre-pregnancy tool that helped Kim through her own pregnancies. She is also the owner of Pelvienne Wellness Inc. and co-founder of Bellies Inc.



Kim’s story 4:35


Bellies Inc. Courses (online and in person) 6:30


What is Core Breath? 10:50


What is the Core? (core 4) 11:45


How to do Core Breath 12:20


How to find your Natural Pelvis from a Seated Position 16:25


How your Sitting Posture affects the Pelvic Floor 17:25


Kim’s Cues for Pelvic Health Awareness 18:55


Kim’s take on Mulha Bundas and Kegals 24:50


Is the Core Breath Safe for Everyone? 27:20


Benefits of Core Breath 29:40


Piston Image- Helping Bodily Systems Work Efficiently 31:55


Feeling that you are Breathing “backwards” 33:15


Bellies Inc. Courses 35:55




Kim’s Email:


Kim’s Book: Prepare to Push




Bellies Inc.


Julie Wiebe


Katy Bowman


Article: Core Breathing- Core 4 by Shannon Crow


Article: What is Diastasis Recti? By Shannon Crow and Kim MacDonald-Heilandt


Video: Core Breath Video by Kim Vopni


Video: Core Breath on Bellies Inc. Site by Kim Vopni


Today’s Episode is Sponsored by:


Shannon Crow’s Yoga for Pelvic Health: Online Training for Yoga Teachers


Special Thanks to:

Laura Cameron for writing such great show notes (even when I send an episode at the last minute) and to

Rob Muir for editing the episodes (between moose sightings and cat snuggles)

Apr 8, 2017

Trista Zinn is a personal trainer who specialized in pelvic health and core pre-programming. Trista is the founder of Coreset Fitness.


Her interest in pelvic health began when she was diagnosed with a grade 2 prolapse as the condition could not be corrected by surgery she sought out alternative treatments.


Trista connected with the Hypopressive®Method so strongly that she travelled to Spain to train under the only English speaking teacher at the time.  Trista is now Canada’s highest qualified and most experienced trainer in Hypopressive® - Low Pressure Fitness.  


Trista is incredibly passionate about continuous education in the fitness field, feeling that new knowledge should be embraced and shared. She is a mother of 2 and an outdoor enthusiast.


In this episode Shannon and Trista discuss their mutual interest in pelvic health, in particular, how it relates to breathing. Are common breath practices helpful or perhaps harmful to our pelvic health?


Intro to Trista Zinn 5:15


What is Hypopressives? 6:25


Trista defines the Core 7:15


Importance of Posture 8:00


Benefits of Hypopressives 8:55


What Hypopressives encompasses 9:30


Who Should do Hypopressives? 10:10


Trisha’s Tube of Toothpaste Analogy 12:00        


Rib Cage Breath 13:35


Jelly Fish Breath Analogy 15:00


Belly Breathing 17:10


“Engage the core” in yoga why Trish believes this is a harmful cue 18:00


“Do Less”- helpful mantra with this practice 21:15


Uddiyana Bandha- similarities and differences between this breathing practice and Hypopressives 23:15


Caution around teaching Belly Breathing 25:00


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 27:00


Caution around cueing Kegels 27:50


Trista’s story- her Pelvic Prolapse 32:00


Taking the Hypopressive Course 34:45


Other Compatible Courses 35:25


Diaphragmic Breath- an unnecessary term 38:15




Article: Jelly Fish Breath and Definition of Core by Shannon Crow


Article: New Thoughts on Belly Breathing by Shannon Crow


Video: Facebook Live: Introduction to Pelvic Health by Shannon Crow


Video: "Your Diaphragm and the Cheetah" by Leslie Kaminoff


Trista Zinn's Website


Hypopressive Canada


Deepha R. Romuwalt PT, C/NDT, Physio Plus, Owen Sound, Ontario


Search for a Canadian Physio Floor Specialist


Pelvic Health Solutions- Introductory Pelvic Health Course


Bellies Inc Courses


Today’s Episode is Sponsored by:


Shannon Crow’s Yoga for Pelvic Health: Online Training for Yoga Teachers


Special Thanks to:

Laura Cameron, (writer, cat lover and yoga practitioner), for compiling such great show notes 


Rob Muir for editing each and every show

Apr 1, 2017

Rosslyn Kermerer is a graphic designer turned yoga entrepreneur who founded Wholehearter Yoga. She lives just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she operates a home studio, serving her community through yoga teaching, coaching, energy healing, and graphic design consulting.

In this Episode Shannon talks to Rosslyn about what led her to focus her attention toward teaching online yoga classes via Skype and offers us the benefit of her experience as to how she’s made this format work for her.

Intro Shannon introduces Rosslyn and reads a letter from Nina, a member of The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group, who received mentorship from another member, today’s guest Rosslyn Kermerer.


"Private yoga instruction is truly a heart-to-heart teaching. It's meant to be intimate. Technology might feel incongruous to something so soulful, but with a little practice and intention, we can retain that sense on intimacy online." ~ Rosslyn Kemerer


5:00 Introducing Rosslyn

5:25 How Rosslyn’s path led her to yoga

8:45 Rosslyn’s virtual classes marketing process

9:45 Creating a waiver statement for online yoga classes

10:40 Scheduling Skype classes

12:30 How to prep a student for an online yoga class

13:00 To demo or not? Rosslyn speaks of her decision to abstain from doing many demonstrations.

14:00 Tips for setting up private virtual class

15:45 Rosslyn discusses her choice to keep instructions to her students on setting up their Skype sessions to a minimum and let them know she won’t be demonstrating the moves so her clients know what to expect.

17:00 How to cope with a student’s distracting spaces

18:35 Rosslyn discusses how she balances her work schedule

19:50 Props for online classes- are they necessary?

21:30 How Rosslyn chose to package her online services

23:00 How local students can benefit from Skype classes

24:25 Rosslyn shares another aspect of her work life- consulting with yoga teachers

27:25 How to price online versus in person classes

28:45 Local group classes Rosslyn teachers

29:20 Rosslyn explains her inspiring Practice Project- a 30-day home practice kit to engage a small group of students to connect or re-connect with their yoga classes in a variety of ways.

31:35 Summary


Connect with Rosslyn



Instagram: @wholehearter



Rosslyn’s New Client Form



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